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This is a unique design that combines silver jewelry from the Miao 苗族, a minority ethnic group in China, with distinctly Eastern-style indigo-dyed fabric, creating a very unique and personal piece.

The Miao are renowned for their exquisite handicrafts and rich cultural heritage, with their silver jewelry primarily being handmade. The craftsmanship includes a combination of hammering, forging, carving, and inlaying, believed to bring good fortune and ward off evil.

Paired with hand-dyed fabric using botanical dyes, it's rare to find two pieces that are exactly the same. The fusion of these two traditional crafts makes these earrings, necklaces, and rings a one-of-a-kind source of style.



Please note that these are handmade earrings. The pre-ordered fabric patterns will not be exactly the same, approximately 70% similar, as each piece of fabric has a unique pattern distribution. If you are comfortable with this, you may proceed with the pre-order, or you can opt for the available stock. Thank you very much.

Indigo-Dyed Fabric Earrings

SKU: 364115376135191
Excluding Sales Tax
The estimated wait time for pre-ordered products is approximately 21 days. If this waiting period is acceptable to you, you may proceed with placing your order.
  • Nickel silver & Frabic。

    The earring posts are made of sterling silver

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